Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Arrival Parisian Vintage - MEIN Finest Selection F/W2014


The Lutetia Dress is definitely classic Parisian. The flowery pattern is inspired by "back-to-70's design that recently rocked London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Actually this dress is faultless for hot summer day, but if you merge this dress with cropped cardi/outer, it would be fabulous.

Material: High Quality Cotton Flowery Print
Size: All Size - Long Sleeve
Price: IDR 499,000
Color: Light Green with Pink Flowery Printed

Available at MEIN Kemang, MEIN Bandung and MEIN Palembang.


The Long Cardi/Outer from Parisian Vintage in Black is excellent outer for formal occasion. You can optimize your sleeveless dress in your closet and in a second you're ready to take off.
Any wedding party, office ceremonial, and other events are very suitable for this outer.

Material: High Quality Cotton Flowery Print
Size: All Size - Long Sleeve
Price: IDR 499,000
Color: Black with Cream Flowery Printed

Available at MEIN Kemang, MEIN Bandung and MEIN Palembang.


The d'Orsy Top is another classic vintage top. The minimalist but elegant design is best for any occasion, formal or semiformal. Combine this top with appropriate skirt/wide skirt, you'll look fantastic without any much effort.

Material: High Quality Cotton Flowery Print
Size: All Size - Long Sleeve
Price: IDR 299,000
Color Options: Black and Red

Available at MEIN Kemang, MEIN Bandung and MEIN Palembang.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Debut of MEIN Finest Selection - The First Skirt



Finally, the MEIN Finest Selection is celebrating its inception in Indonesia. We work very hard to provide the best products with the best value for all MEIN fans. 

The 1st Skirt is manufactured meticulously and our designers team has prepared it for months, starting from a sketch to finished product before we can officially launch it in Indonesia.

Our ideas for the 1st Skirt is the flowyness effect and the weight aspect so you can enjoy your day effortlessly. 

Next, we will introduce more lines in Parisian Vintage Series - Fall/Winter 2014.

The 1st Skirt
Chiffon Satin
IDR 399,000
Color options:
1. Flowy Rose
2. Abstract Yellow

Available at MEIN Palembang, MEIN Bandung and MEIN Kemang.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pre Order Now: New Book by Afra Nurina, Mimi Alysa and Sendy Monarchi

Dear #MEINers especially Moms with new babies,

We have a great new book for you, "Diary Ibu Hamil", a very exclusive book (around 200 pages) from Afra Nurina (Treimee Designer and Muhammad Assad's spouse), Mimi Alysa (SimplyMii principal designer) and Sendy Monarchi (famous model and blogger) with high quality photography by Afida Sukma and detail explanations from medical side, Al Quran and also the Hadist.

So get the special price IDR 75,000 during Pre-Order starting from 8 - 15 Oct or you can also get the special package IDR 100,000 including ticket for the book launch invitation at MEIN Designers Kemang.

So, don't miss it #MEINers, grab the book, get special discount at MEIN Designers Kemang during the book launch on 2 Nov 2014 and special shopping voucher.

Have a great day.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Eid Mubarak - Eid ul Adha 1435H

Happy Eid Mubarak - Eid ul Adha 1435H #MEINers,

Wishing You and Your family the protection of Allah SWT.

MEIN Store will be closed on Sunday (5 Oct 2014) and Monday (6 Oct 2014), and we are back to action on Tuesday 7 Oct 2014.

Happy Holiday. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Arrival: Flare Dress and LEXI Blazer

"The Classic Elegant blazer and grey dress is the star of the venue. Formal party or some special invitation will definitely be handled effortlessly.

Lexi Blazer by House of Nabilia, IDR 495,000 

Flare Dress by INDIJ, IDR 450,000

Monday, September 22, 2014

New Arrival: Introducing RARE label


Welcoming RARE to MEIN Designers, RARE was founded by Rara and Retno Noviyanti, both of them actually setup a production facilities first and have lots of experience in delivering custom orders before they decided to establish a fashion label. 

Retno or a.k.a Novi was graduated from ESMOD and her high quality production results are well known accros the city. Her education background in fashion design and grreat experience will ensure you to get the best products from them.

Thus, by introducing their own label, you will enjoy a high quality brand with affordable price. RARE will set their history in MEIN Designers with their high quality pret-a-porter line. 

Have a nice day.

"The combination of Ayya Top and Stripped Baloon Skirt are awesome mix and match for your lunch date or tea time meeting. Go grab it #MEINers at MEIN Kemang. 

Ayya Top by House of Nabilia, IDR 315,000

Stripped Baloon Skirt Blue by RARE, IDR 245,000

"Those cute outfit for a cup of coffee with some friends. Wonderful day."

SHAWL: V-Wide-Shawl by House of Nabilia, IDR 150,000

High-low Tee Top Grey by RARE, IDR 250,000

Baby Fleur Hareem by SimplyMii, IDR 225,000

"The Green - Leafy Drapped Tunic and Basic Pipe Pants are the best match for casual occasion. You can do some outdoor activities or take your kids to playground effortlessly."

Leafy Drapped Tunic by RARE, IDR 235,000

Basic Pipe Pants by RARE, IDR 265,000

"If you want to look younger and fresh with bold pink color, go and seize your choice without any hesitation. Cloudy day is not a problem, your presence will brighten the day."

Layered Tee - Pink by RARE, IDR 215,000

Delmora Pants by El Hasbu, IDR 350,000

Sunday, September 14, 2014

MEIN FASHION CLINIC: 5 tips seru supaya tampil cantik setiap hari

5 Tips seru supaya tetap tampil cantik setiap hari

1. Kumpulkan ide-ide outfit yang akan dipakai

Sebelum menentukan baju yang akan dipakai untuk acara hari ini, pertanyaan yang utama adalah apa tujuan utama dari acara tersebut? Apakah bertemu klien penting, atau acara keluarga, atau makan siang bersama teman. Setelah itu pikirkan ide yang paling nyaman dan paling cocok dengan suasana tersebut. Jangan lupa cek kondisi cuaca: apakah panas, hujan atau mendung yang dingin. Kendaraan yang akan digunakan juga sangat menentukan pilihan: naik sepeda motor atau naik mobil akan memberikan pilihan busana yang sangat jauh berbeda.

2. Tentukan basic dress/skirts/tops yang akan digunakan

Basic disini maksudnya bukan underwear tapi baju yang akan dikenakan. Apakah mau atasan atau bawahan, ataukah basic dress dengan cardigan. Warna dan motif yang digunakan disesuaikan dengan  cuaca dan situasi yang akan dihadapi. Bertemu klien penting tentu saja akan berbeda dengan bertemu teman lama yang lebih casual. Basic Dress di MEIN ada banyak pilihan mulai dari Treimee, Indij, Kivitz, Nabilia, Wifda, Addins, dll.

3. Tambahkan layer dari basic dress/skirts/tops tersebut

Layer luar dari basic dress/top/skirt tersebut juga sangat tergantung dari kesesuaian warna, situasi dan kondisi serta pilihan yang ada. Karena belum tentu ide yang kita miliki, ada di dalam kloset kita. Layer pemanis yang bisa ditambahkan misalnya basic dress warna biru dengan cardigan glitter seperti basic Khayla Dress dan Zalva Cardi El Hasbu, atau satu set dress dan outer seperti Chloe Dress SimplyMii.

4. Pilih sepatu yang pas digunakan untuk outfit tersebut

Warna adalah hal pertama yang harus dipikirkan supaya pas dengan pilihan basic dan layer utama. Hal kedua adalah bentuk sepatu itu sendiri, mau flat, stiletto, pump, wedges, tentu saja harus pas dengan baju yang dikenakan. Problem bagi wanita adalah terlalu banyak sepatu untuk dipilih, tetapi tidak ada yang pas dengan pilihan. 

5. Tambahkan accessories yang pas

Accessories ini yang sedikit tricky karena pilihan sangat beragam mulai yang hanya beberapa ratus ribu sampai ratusan juta. Mulai dari simple scarf, dompet , tas Webe sampai dengan tas Hermes. Sisi kreatif otak kita dituntut untuk bekerja lebih keras saat menentukan pilhan accessories yang tepat. Rajin membaca majalah fashion versi cetak ataupun versi online akan memperkaya wasasan pengetahuan tentang accessories.

Have a nice day #MEINers


Friday, September 12, 2014

Coming Soon: KIVITZ Abaya Series



New Arrival by SimplyMii

The Dress was prepared by Mimi Alysa meticulously months ago. The insight from the design process is that designing a simple but stunning dress required a hardwork, dedication, eyes for details, and non-stop innovation. SimplyMii and Mimi Alysa proudly present Sabrina Dress for You.

Available for pre-order:
Price: IDR 875,000 including the veil.


The Mix and Match: Lucy Top and Andhari Skirt are perfectly blended. The formal skirt can be mixed with casual top. So overall it will enhance your fabulous looks.

LUCY TOP: IDR 255,000


New Arrival: El Hasbu and AyudayahAndari

New Arrival by Ayu Dyah Andari
Price: IDR 1,950,000

New Arrival by EL HASBU

Price: IDR 450,000
Price: IDR 350,000

New Arrival by EL HASBU

Price: IDR 650,000