Monday, May 11, 2015

The Return of the Original.

The Return of the Original.

Stay Tuned on #MEINreborn with new concept and new collections.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Zaura Models Training and Workshop in Bandung

Image: the photography session

Image: Another photography one-on-one training.

Image: Mimi Alysa during the session

Image: Lulu el Hasbu (Zaura founder) and Mimi Alysa

Image: Lulu el Hasbu and Mimi Alysa

Image: Mimi Alysa and Dian Pelangi

Zaura Workshop

Alhamdulilah, the Zaura Workshop in Bandung went well, friends from Zaura Models management team were very professional and everything was running smoothly.

The participants got lots of new knowledge, starting from designers perspective on fashion modelling, behind the scene of fashion show, updates on Photography, catwalk and pose, etc. This is invaluable know-how that not many people could get it from any sources.

Hope another city will get chance for the Zaura Models training and workshop.

New Bestie Top

Material: Balotelli and Lace
Color Option: Red Salmon and Mocca
Size: SM and ML
Price: IDR 245,000

Material: Wool Peach
Color Option: Dark Choco
Size: SM and ML
Price: IDR 225,000

Monday, March 23, 2015

New Wide Square Veils - SimplyMiixMEINDesigners

Assalamu'alaikum #MEINers,

Finally the first part of "On Your March Series" has been arrived, and based on our customer request, we launch the 'Wide Square Hijab" first. The 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter Wide Square Veil, even though is basic, is quite ideal for any kind of hijab style and inline with syari' principle as well. You can create hundreds of style from this wide veils. We provide you with simple but powerful Wide Square Veil Tutorial for your daily activities.

Material: Chiffon Cerutti
Size: 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter (square shape)
Price: IDR 125,000
Color options: Peach, Navy, Creme, Dusty Green, and Purple.

Available only at MEIN Store Bandung, 
Jalan Terusan Ir. Sutami Kav. B13, Setrasari, Bandung. 

Or You can contact MEIN Fashion Advisor: Rosi/Boy 
at PinBB: 24c650af | WhatsApp: LINE: MEIN Care | VITRI BBM: (PinBB: 7E630C1B)


1st Step: 
Fold the Wide Square Veil to create a triangle shape. This is to make you easier to create any hijab style.

2nd Step:
Put the folded veil on your head, and make sure left and right sides have balance/equal measure.

3rd step:
Prepare a small pin, and put it to the right side of the veil. Please be careful, mind your head, don't puncture you head with that sharp object, just make sure that the pin attached firmly to the veil.

4th Step:
Hold the right side of the scarf, about 3/4 of the veil from the tip of the veil, and prepare another pin. The direction is: the scarf will be pinned to the left side of the veil, closer to the back of your head.

5th Step:
Put the pin on the side of the veil, you can use some jewelry or other pin accessories to make it awesome. Make sure that you don't pin the corner of the scarf but about 3/4 from the right side of the scarf. The final effect will be absolutely different if you pin the corner/tip of the scarf.

6th Step:
Now hold the left side of the scarf, and hold about 3/4 of the scarf. We are gonna put that side to the right side of you shoulder, prepare another jewelry or pin accessories in front of you so you can each it quickly.

7th Step:
And then pin the scarf to right side of your shoulder, please be careful, make sure you don't hurt yourself with the sharp needle. And put it carefully as well to maintain your scarf in good shape.

8th Step:
Another broochs/accessories can also be used to make your "Hijab Style" better. Mimi Alysa put some hand-made brooch as a simple but cute accessories. And now you're ready to go. 

Final Result:

The final result of the "Wide Square Veil Style", the steps above are easy to follow and you can try it at home with a mirror in one side and your laptop/iPad on the other side. We will published other great styles with this "Wide Square Veil", so just stay tuned on

Have a nice day #MEINers

Monday, March 16, 2015

#Repost The Parisian Vintage


The d'Orsy Top is another classic vintage top. The minimalist but elegant design is best for any occasion, formal or semiformal. Combine this top with appropriate skirt/wide skirt, you'll look fantastic without any much effort.

Material: High Quality Cotton Flowery Print
Size: All Size - Long Sleeve
Price: IDR 299,000
Color Options: Black and Red

Available at MEIN Kemang, MEIN Bandung and MEIN Palembang.


The Lutetia Dress is definitely classic Parisian. The flowery pattern is inspired by "back-to-70's design that recently rocked London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Actually this dress is faultless for hot summer day, but if you merge this dress with cropped cardi/outer, it would be fabulous.

Material: High Quality Cotton Flowery Print
Size: All Size - Long Sleeve
Price: IDR 499,000
Color: Light Green with Pink Flowery Printed

Available at MEIN Kemang, MEIN Bandung and MEIN Palembang.


The Long Cardi/Outer from Parisian Vintage in Black is excellent outer for formal occasion. You can optimize your sleeveless dress in your closet and in a second you're ready to take off.
Any wedding party, office ceremonial, and other events are very suitable for this outer.

Material: High Quality Cotton Flowery Print
Size: All Size - Long Sleeve
Price: IDR 499,000
Color: Black with Cream Flowery Printed

Available at MEIN Kemang, MEIN Bandung and MEIN Palembang.

#Blast from the Past MEIN Style

#Blast from the Past

Some cute pics from MEIN Designers event in the past.

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